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Sudden roof damage is a shock for any homeowner. Huge problems come on suddenly and severely, while smaller problems grow larger over time, leading to a compromised roof. While a roof replacement can be a sudden issue, proper knowledge and preparation set you up for making an informed decision in the future.

Does Your Roof Need an Overhaul?

There is a wide variety of reasons your roof could need a replacement. Every roof is on a timeline due to regular wear and tear, but sudden issues are common with the severe weather in Olmos Park. Minor issues can be fixed with a repair, but catastrophic damage means you will be looking at a full roof replacement. Checking the status of your roof on your own and with a professional clarifies the difference between small problems and huge issues.

There are some visible signs that your roof’s condition is suffering. On the exterior, if your roof needs help, you’ll see worn spots around skylights or chimneys, loose or missing shingles, dropping granules from your roofing, or algae growth. On the interior, water damage is the best indicator that your roof has large issues. This shows up as dark spots on your walls or ceilings.

Whether you’ve noticed damage on your own or your roof is starting to age, it is important to have a team of professional roofers come out for an inspection. They can give the final say on the condition of your roof. With advanced tools and years of experience, a roofing company knows the fine details of finding damage and can notice issues that aren’t visible.

What is the Roof Replacement Process?

Let’s say that your roofing company has recommended that you replace your roof. This can be some shocking news for any homeowner. Preparing yourself for a potential replacement ahead of time can set reasonable expectations for the roofing process. These pros and cons typically come with a roof replacement.

  • Pros
    • 40% increase in curb appeal and a higher resale value
    • A total fix for issues, including unseen rot and water damage
    • Prevents compounding expenses from small repairs
  • Cons
    • A huge expense that takes a long time to complete
    • Much more involved than a small repair
    • Requires more complicated steps than a repair
Call the Olmos Park Roof Replacement Experts

No matter when roof replacement comes along for your family, working with a professional is the best way to make a complicated process clear. An Olmos Park roofing company does a full inspection of the state of your roof, recommending solutions and materials for any issues. They will also work with you and your insurance company on payment and cleanup after installation.

When you’re fixing roof issues on your Olmos Park home, look for a roofing company that is experienced and ready to guide you through the process. With a free 37-point inspection, Rhino Roofers has all the tools and experience needed to give you a confident answer on what replacement can do for you and your home. Call today to work with one of our qualified roofing professionals.

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