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Aluminum Roofs

Aluminum roofing is different because it has properties that other metal roofing can’t offer. It is strong, durable, weather-resistant, economical, and environmentally friendly. It also allows for more water runoff and reflects sunlight better than other metal roofing materials.

Aluminum may be the best choice if you are looking for a metal roof. It’s the ideal choice if you are looking for something that’s energy-efficient and can withstand all weather conditions, including acid rain.

Rhino Roofers offers many metal roofing options, including standing seam, corrugated, and copper roofs.

What is Aluminum Roofing?

It’s made of – you guessed right – aluminum. This material is extremely lightweight which makes it more affordable and reduces labor costs. Although it isn’t as fashionable as other types of roofing, its reflective properties make it more visible than other materials.

Some people find the appearance unattractive, but others will be able to appreciate its energy-efficient properties. The malleability is one of its best attributes. You can make it look like shingles, tiles, or any other design that you choose. It’s recyclable, durable, and long-lasting. It is also cost-effective, just like other metal roofing materials.

Temperature Regulation

The reflective properties are one of the main reasons that more people choose it. It can reflect nearly 100% of the sun’s rays, so your house will remain cool even in the heat.

Although you may think there is no benefit in winter, which is something that we see quite often in Central Texas, you will be surprised. It can also reflect heat toward your home, making it warmer in winter.

The roof has traditionally been where you lose heat and cold air. An aluminum roof can help to protect your home from these elements. This type of roof will help you save money on your HVAC costs. This type of metal is the best heat regulator, allowing you to have consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Weather Resistance and Durability

It is strong enough to last nearly a lifetime. it can withstand extreme weather just like other metals and does not show much wear. Your aluminum roof can withstand high humidity, wind, rain, hail, acid rain, snow, and other natural forces. It’s a great choice for Central Texas homes because of its weather resistance.

Environmental Factors

Many recycled materials are used to make aluminum roofing. Aluminum roofing can contain as much as ninety percent recycled metal. Some roofs may not be derived from brand-new materials, but that is part of their appeal. It is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Because of the lightweight properties, it requires less labor to install. It’s easier to do and takes less time. Rhino’s aluminum roofing team can also transport the materials more efficiently, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

What's the Cost?

The roofing costs vary, but you can expect to pay more upfront than for shingles. Aluminum roofing is very durable and can last for many years – up to 4-5 decades.

With this roofing material, you should also consider the added value to your home.  This kind of roof will increase your home’s resale value significantly. You can also advertise the benefits to all potential buyers.


They require the same maintenance as other metal roofs. Avoid low-hanging branches that may scrape the roof, clean off dirt and debris, clear gutters, and avoid contact with other types of metal. All of these can impact the life expectancy of your roof.

It is also important not to walk on the roof often. Making repairs when necessary is unavoidable, but it shouldn’t be done every other day. Although aluminum is strong, it can also be prone to denting.

Aluminum roofing can add tremendous value to your property or business. Rhino Roofers is a local aluminum roofing contractor. We are happy to provide all information about this kind of roof and explain the potential benefits. We will inspect your roof and provide you with a free inspection before we start the installation.

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