The Reputable HOA Approved Roofing Contractors of Central Texas

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Rhino Roofers is a San Antonio roofing company that has successfully installed many HOA-approved roofs throughout Central Texas. HOA fees can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. You have worked hard to earn that money, and you should be able to see the benefits when it comes down to your roof. Your roof is very important. Your roof protects your loved ones, pets, and personal belongings. We only use the finest roofing materials and employ the most skilled roofers.

To get the roof you need, you might need to work with your HOA. We have years of expertise in this field. We can help you if your HOA is not cooperating. We’ll make it as painless and easy as possible. We are specialists in multi-family properties, from HOA to apartment roofing.

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HOA Approved Roofing Services in Central Texas

Some roof problems are obvious. It’s just as important to inspect your roof as it is your car. It is crucial to have your roof inspected regularly to identify potential problems that could become costly later. Rhino Roofers will inspect your roof and make sure that every corner is checked. We will inspect your roof and work with you to fix or replace any problems.

A roof problem does not necessarily mean the entire roof needs to be replaced. Sometimes, a quality repair can be done. Rhino Roofers will assess your case and recommend the right solution for you. Our work with Central Texas HOAs is something we are proud to be a part of. It keeps current roofs in good shape.

We will always support the most economical solution. However, repairs may not be an option. We will design and install your roof when the time is right. We only use the finest materials and offer the best warranties. We will give your HOA-approved roofing job the personal attention it deserves.

HOA Approved Roof FAQs

Typically, HOAs cover the maintenance and repair of common areas. If your roof isn’t covered by the HOA, call our helpful team of experts.

Sometimes, your HOA may require you to replace or upgrade the roof because of compliance or cosmetic issues. You could face fines and even eviction if you fail to act. Do not let this happen. Our roofers can help you solve your roof issues, big or small.

When in doubt, it’s best to ask. You would rather ask for permission now, than risk having to change or remove the work you put in later.

Because we are honest and trustworthy, we stand behind every roof we install. We aren’t satisfied if you don’t like the results, so Rhino Roofers will work with you to ensure that your roof project goes according to plan.

We understand that roof replacement and repairs can be stressful. Rhino Roofers will make the entire process easy. We will guide you through each step and explain everything in plain English. Contact our friendly team to get started.