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Quality Roofing Services You Can Trust in Olmos Park

Acting quickly is vital when it looks like you may need a brand-new roof. Winter frosts and high winds in Olmos Park can cause significant roof damage to both residential and commercial properties. Does your roof need help? Rhino Roofers offers free resources to help Central Texas property owners recognize whether they need a roof repair or a new installation.

A damaged roof isn’t uncommon in Olmos Park. The small city features more than 800 single-family homes with massive, beautiful trees. San Antonio, also known as Alamo City, completely surrounds this community, where residents enjoy four neighborhood parks and a one-half-acre meeting point called Alameda Circle.

A Residential Roof Contractor You Can Trust

Rhino Roofers is your Central Texas industry leader for quality roofing services. We help educate local homeowners like you on the best options for improving your home’s roof while protecting your real estate. Let us help you make the best decision with a free residential roof inspection. 

We also specialize in Olmos Park gutter installations. Is it time for new gutters? Pull out the ladder and inspect your gutters to determine the extent of the damage. Or take advantage of our thorough inspections, free of charge. Our professional roofing contractors will help you identify drain damage or other issues, then help you choose the right solution for your budget.

Commercial Roof Contractor

We offer commercial property owners everything from minor tile repair to complete roof replacement installation services. Our solutions come with a 50-year product and lifetime workmanship warranties, so you can count on our high-quality roofing services and products.

These are just some of the reasons why locals turn to Rhino Roofers for Olmos Park commercial roofing needs:

  • Honesty – Our contractors provide property owners with honest roof assessments.
  • Quality – We are dedicated to offering high-quality job procedures, standards, and products.
  • Safety – Rhino Roofers follows the industry’s best practices when it comes to installations.

Roof Repair Services

Not sure whether your roof needs minor repairs or a complete replacement? Our trustworthy roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the extent of its damage. Count on our honest recommendation to help you make the best choice for your roofing needs.

If your roof has very little minor damage, a new installation is probably unnecessary unless the roof is over 20+ years old. In such cases, we can often repair it at a more affordable price than completely replacing it. Minor damage may include:

  • Damage to a couple of shingles or tiles
  • A few missing tiles or shingles here and there
  • Small amounts of peeling paint under the roof
  • Darker circles on the ceiling
  • Shingles visibly buckling or lifting
  • Water stains on the furnace and/or water heater
  • Flashing metal rust spots
  • Cracked caulking 
Olmos Park Roofing You Can Trust

If you’re a commercial property owner or a homeowner looking for five-star roofing services, look no further. Let us help you devise a plan to protect your home for years to come. Trust our team of honest contractors to get the job right the first time.

Ready to schedule your free Olmos Park roofing assessment? Book your free roof inspection online with Rhino Roofers today. 

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