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Every homeowner is invested in keeping their house safe. A solid roof is the best place to start. When a roof is in disrepair, it can mean catastrophic damage to the rest of the home. So, when you’re looking into repairing roof issues or replacing your roof entirely, finding a roofing contractor who understands your home’s needs is vital to ensuring you get a high-quality end product.

Safeguard Your Home

A quality roofing contractor will go above and beyond for your residential property. Your roof is the first line of defense against the storms and winds in Shavano Park. There are a few material options that your contractor will go over with you when choosing a new roof.

  • Asphalt: The standard option, asphalt is a durable option for the price.
  • Metal: When you’re looking for longevity, metal roofing is the best choice. It withstands weather and lasts for decades.
  • Tile: A more unique style and an excellent choice for dry climates, tile roofing makes your home a showstopper.

No matter which material you choose, gutters are another important way to protect your home. Properly fitted gutters act as a barrier between your home and water damage by directing rainwater away from your foundation. This prevents rot, mildew, and leaks.

Protecting Your Property Investment

Residential roofing isn’t the only skill a trusted roofing contractor brings to the table. Commercial projects have their own set of complications that are easily navigated with the right team by your side. Here are some options for commercial roofing that a contractor will likely offer.

  • Single-Ply Membrane: Single-ply membrane roofs have fewer seams and protect against water damage, especially on flat roofs.
  • Commercial Metal: Metal roofing, no matter the property, will be the most durable, long-lasting material to use.
  • Foam: Cost-effective and eco-friendly, foam roofing offers an insulating moisture barrier.
  • Modified Bitumen: Many commercial properties will have flat or lower-sloped roofs compared to residential homes. Modified Bitumen has the ideal flexibility for them.

Working with a knowledgeable roofing contractor for your commercial building keeps people and property safe. A roof in disrepair on a commercial property is a large liability. Keeping it in good, working order is important.

Roof Replacement Isn't Always the End

Once you’ve replaced your old, damaged roof, you’ll need to maintain it to protect your investment. This means that repairing damage from severe Shavano Park weather will protect your home and ensure you stay insulated, saving money and energy. Look for a contractor who will resolve issues promptly.

In addition to resolving issues, a contractor should also help you through an insurance claim. Damage can come on suddenly, and most homeowners must work with their insurance company for repairs. You’ll want to find quality customer service from inspection to repair.

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Finding a roofing contractor for your Shavano Park home can be a lengthy process, but with Rhino Roofers, you know you’re getting the top-notch customer service and experienced crew that you and your family deserve. Trust the professionals at Rhino Roofers to keep your needs in mind. Call for a free inspection today.

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