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A solid roof is an important investment in your home. New roofs are expensive and take a lot of time to finish. Between replacements, what do you do if your investment is compromised? That’s when you’ll want to consider repair. 

Checking Your Roof for Damage

Olmos Park homes put up with a lot and the roof bears the brunt of it. The myriad of severe weather conditions adds extra wear and tear to your home’s most important safety measure. It’s vital to check out the condition of your roof regularly and call in a professional roofer the second you suspect damage.

Checking your home for damage starts on the outside. Look for issues in your shingles like dark spots of hail damage, missing shingles, or worn areas. Once you’ve looked at the exterior, check the walls and ceilings in your home. Dark spots or staining are evidence of water damage which causes issues in the safety and air quality of your home.

A professional roofer has a different, more thorough approach to roof inspection. Professional roofers are able to find damage beyond what is visible to the average homeowner. Most will offer free inspections, but you’ll want to find one whose experience you trust.

Considering Repair or Replacement

Roof replacement is a daunting task, so looking into a repair is an attractive solution. Getting an idea of how the issues your roof is experiencing will impact your options is a great way to prepare yourself for checking in with a roofer. As always, a professional roofer’s opinion is the most important guidance.

  • Problems That Can Be Repaired:
    • There has only been minor damage.
    • All of the roof’s issues are concentrated in a single, small area.
    • You or a previous owner has recently replaced the roof.
    • Your roof’s damage is strictly to the structure of the shingles.
    • There are no issues inside of the home.
  • Issues That Need a Replacement:
    • Your home has experienced damage from severe weather or catastrophic events.
    • The entirety of your roof is having issues.
    • Your roof is older.
    • You are seeing water damage.

What to Expect with Roof Repair

There are positives and negatives to all home repair services and your roof is no different. Working with a professional Olmos Park roofer streamlines repairs but you’ll still experience some disruption. Let’s explore a few of the benefits and drawbacks of a roof repair.

  • Pros
    • Less time and money
    • Buys time to save up for a roof replacement
    • Extends the lifespan of your current roof
  • Cons
    • Puts off the inevitable roof replacement
    • Comes with a shorter warranty
    • Potential to miss underlying issues
Trusted Olmos Park Roof Repair Experts

When your roof has issues, you need a roofer that will act quickly and resolve the full problem. Rhino Roofer’s team has over a century of combined experience giving Olmos Park homes new life with new roofs. Whether your roof has suffered sudden damage or is showing signs of wear, get in touch to set up a free 37-point inspection today.

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