Professional South Austin Metal Roofing

peaked metal roof

If you’re getting a new roof, it might be time to consider roofing materials beyond asphalt shingles. While shingles are an excellent option for many homes, some South Austin homeowners are looking for an option that will last for decades with a high level of protection. If you’re looking to invest in a low-maintenance, highly protective roofing material, metal roofing could be right for you.

Metal Roofing Explained

Metal roofing can be constructed from various metals, each with unique properties and benefits. These reflective surfaces have long been considered the gold standard of roofing materials. That’s why metal is typically an upgrade from traditional shingled roofing.

The material for metal roofing can come at a cost. For many Central Texas homeowners, it is an investment in the safety and quality of their home’s construction. With the dry climate, a metal roof’s fireproofing and insulating properties change the game on disaster-prevention and HVAC costs.

Roofing Material that Lasts

Metal roofs aren’t a one size fits all situation. This roofing is typically comprised of one of three metals. Here are their unique benefits.

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and a great value, aluminum roofing is a common choice for homeowners who want a durable, budget-friendly metal roof.
  • Copper: A show-stopping style, copper roofing is stylish and unique. Its striking color and increased flexibility give you more options for personalization.
  • Steel: Steel roofing is expensive for a reason. With every benefit of the other two metals, steel upgrades the durability and fireproofing of your roof.

Metal roofing isn’t all about the material. It also comes in a few different styles. These differ from each other in shape and installation. Here are some to consider.

  • Corrugated: Corrugated metal roofing is easy and quick to install, making it an affordable option.
  • Standing-Seam: Snap lock, mechanical lock, or batten panels interlock to give your roof loads of protection from the elements.
  • Metal Shingles: Close to a traditional shingled roof, a roof made of metal shingles will blend into its neighbors with added fire and impact protection.

Benefits for your South Austin Home

Metal roofing is an investment worth making. It can last for decades and keep your home safe. Let’s explore some other positive aspects of upgrading to a metal roof.

  • Durability: Metal roofing keeps your home safer from fires and severe weather.
  • Resale Value: Increase your curb appeal with a metal roof and see how your home’s value soars.
  • Sustainability: Metal roofing is made from recycled materials. It can also be recycled if you choose to replace it.
  • Lifetime Protection: Metal can last decades with little upkeep.
  • Added Savings: The unique properties of metal roofing save money on energy and repairs.

Metal roofing is an investment. Look for a top-rated roofer to help you get your money’s worth. Rhino Roofers has an experienced team who knows what South Austin homes need. With quality customer service and all the knowledge of the team’s combined 130+ years of experience, Rhino Roofers is the premier roofer for the Central Texas area. Schedule a free inspection on our website to see how we can help you get the most out of your home.