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West Lake Hills residents enjoy its mild climate, rainy winter nights, and hot summer days. But these weather conditions wreak havoc on local roofs, causing damage for homeowners and commercial real estate owners. Rhino Roofers offers personalized solutions to protect your property when damage strikes your roof.

Should You Repair Your Roof?

Wondering whether you should repair your roof or replace it with a new one? Well, what’s the current condition of your roof? If less than 30% of your roof suffers from damage, you may not need a new roof. A repair job might be all you need.

Damage confined to a small area can usually be patched up or repaired faster than a roof replacement. This drives the cost down, making repairing your roof more affordable.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

Installing a new roof in West Lake Hills can be a lucrative financial investment for real estate owners. It helps improve property value and curb appeal while protecting your structure from outdoor elements. But, in many cases, you have choices.

Instead of a roof replacement, you may be able to make repairs. Deciding which option is best for you and your situation depends on your budget, time, and other factors. Here are some questions to ask yourself when debating between roof repair versus replacement:

  • Affordability – Requires fewer materials, which means less labor and faster completion time, making it much cheaper than installing a new roof
  • Faster – Can take a matter of hours, whereas a roof replacement can take days or weeks, depending on the structure’s size
  • Convenience – In most cases, you can continue life as usual instead of rearranging furniture, appliances, pets, etc… making room for a roof installation.

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

Repairing your roof has its pluses. But it’s not always the best choice for every situation. To make an educated choice, here are some things to think about when weighing your options between replacing and repairing your West Lake Hills roof:

Pros of Roof Repair

Some advantages of roof repairs include:

  • Replacing a few tiles to patch a few small holes is much more affordable than replacing the entire roof
  • It takes much less time to make one or two minor roof repairs than it does to remove the entire thing and replace it
  • Repairing problem areas within your roofing system helps extend the overall life of your building’s roof

Cons of Roof Repair

Some disadvantages of roof repairs include:

  • There may be larger problems beneath the surface you can’t see, especially with older roofing systems
  • Patchwork is not always aesthetically pleasing because contractors can’t always match newer colors with older pieces
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Our team of highly skilled roofing contractors guides you through choosing the best roofing solutions for your home, investment property, or business. Our honest contractors evaluate your roof’s current condition and recommend the best choices based on your needs. Don’t let that minor patch job grow into a major problem. Give us a call so we can evaluate the situation now before it’s too late. Schedule your free roof evaluation today.