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Roof issues can mean catastrophic damage to your home. While extensive, obvious problems require replacement, what do you do when your roof has more minor issues that don’t warrant a whole new roof? Roof repairs are a vital part of home ownership. Knowing what to look for helps you take the best care of your home.

Does Your Roof Need Repair?

Has your Castle Hills property experienced severe weather? After storms, it’s essential to look at your home’s exterior and interior to check for damage. Regularly checking for damage keeps repairs small and homes safe. Call a professional roofer if you’ve seen any of the following signs or suspect your roof has been compromised.

While looking at your roof’s exterior, get a full view and a detailed look at the shingles. This doesn’t mean getting on a ladder! Step into the street to look for loose or worn shingles and rust on your flashing. To look for hail damage, check for small, black dots on your shingles with a pair of binoculars.

The interior of your home can also hint at the state of your roof. The biggest concern inside the home is water damage. If you’re seeing dark stains on your ceiling or HVAC system, there’s a chance it could be from a compromised roof.

Should I Choose Repair or Replacement?

Roof replacement is a huge investment. However, some repairs are just too large. How can you tell if your roof issue requires a repair or a complete replacement?

Repair is great for minor issues on newer roofs. Making speedy repairs to loose or missing shingles will prolong the life of your roof. You may also be fine with repairs if your roof damage is concentrated in one area, leaving the rest of your roof intact.

Replacement is an eventuality for any homeowner, but it comes quicker than expected when roof damage is more severe, or your roof is older. Older roofing or untended damage often results in severe water damage. Finally, if a professional roofer tells you that your roof needs replacement, it is a good idea to move forward.

What Should I Expect with Roof Repair?

So, your damage is fixable, and you’ve decided to work with a Castle Hills roofer on a repair. There are some points you’ll want to prepare for. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons.

  • Pros
    • Extends the life of your existing roof
    • Provides a quicker, more cost-effective fix
    • Gives you more time to save for a full replacement
  • Cons
    • Might miss invisible damage, especially from water
    • Comes with a shorter warranty
    • Compounding small issues can become larger problems
Reliable Roof Repairs with Rhino Roofers

When your roof needs repair, work with a Castle Hills roofing company that will do the job quickly and professionally. Rhino Roofers offers a free 37-point inspection to ensure that your repair protects your home from damage. Get in touch today to benefit from our team’s combined century of experience.  

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