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A structurally sound roof protects your business or home. However, time, storms, harsh sun rays, and other factors in Bee Cave, TX, can gradually cause the roof to deteriorate to the point when a replacement is necessary. When signs of roof damage manifest, it is time to call in Rhino Roofers. We’re a company that Central Texas residents and business owners have come to trust for all their roofing needs.

Should You Replace Your Roof?

It isn’t always easy for home and business owners to definitively tell that the roof over their property needs to be replaced. However, some signs that point to this necessity are:

  • The roof is about 20 years old, meaning it is nearing the end of its service life
  • There are missing elements on the roof, such as shingles
  • The amount of granulation in gutters is obvious, and you are beginning to doubt the soundness of the shingles on the property
  • Multiple leaks and discolorations on the ceiling and walls
  • Recurrence of the same repair needs

However, one or more of the signs above shouldn’t make you conclude that you need a roof replacement. Contact Rhino Roofers, and one of our experienced team members will inspect your Bee Cave roof and let you know what needs to be done. We will provide a free quote if roof replacement is the best option.

Is Roof Replacement the Right Choice?

Replacing the roof over your Bee Cave home or business has many benefits. The property’s curb appeal is boosted, making it more likely to receive several bids when you sell that property. You can also rest assured that the new roof will protect your business or home from the elements. If there were hidden issues, such as inadequate ventilation, a roof replacement project will also address those, saving you from losses like higher energy bills you would have suffered over time.

One key reason the prospect of replacing the roof over a residential or commercial property in Central Texas could be intimidating is cost. However, when you take a big picture view, incurring the cost of replacing the roof over your Bee Cave, TX home or business saves you money in the long run because you won’t have to conduct so many repairs and the risk of sudden roof failure will be off the table. 

Insurance can cover the cost of roof replacement if you can prove the severe damage to the roof resulted from one of those infamous Central Texas storms and that you weren’t negligent. Our experienced team at Rhino Roofers can help with the documentation needed to file an insurance claim.

Need Roof Replacement Now? Call Rhino Roofers

Don’t let a compromised roof put the safety of your home or business in Bee Cave, TX, at risk. Contact Rhino Roofers, and a team member will conduct a free inspection, recommend the needed course of action, and discuss the available material options for the roof replacement. Let us take care of your roof so you can have peace of mind.

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