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For the roof over your home or business in Bee Cave, TX, to last for its expected lifespan, timely maintenance and repairs are necessary.  Any delay in performing needed repairs quickens the deterioration of the roof, warranting urgent replacement.  At Rhino Roofers, we help home, and business owners within Central Texas get as much life out of their roofs as possible.

Should You Repair Your Roof?

Repairs or complete roof replacement may be necessary when a roof develops issues.  You’ll know roof repairs are required after observing the following signs:

  • There are leaks onto the ceiling and down the walls
  • Some tiles, shingles, or other roofing materials are missing
  • Some shingles are curled, cracked, or otherwise visibly damaged
  • A section of the roof suffers impact damage from a tree branch; for example
  • You notice discoloration on the ceiling and walls

When any of these and other signs are visible, call Rhino Roofers for a complete inspection to assess the roof’s condition and recommend the needed repairs.  Your DIY efforts are unlikely to cut it because a lot more could be going on beyond what meets the eye.

Repair or Replace?

Several considerations can help you decide whether to repair or replace your Bee Cave roof.  They are:

  • The seriousness of the roof problem.  Extensive storm damage warrants roof replacement, for example
  • The age of the roof.  If the roof is relatively new, localized repairs may suffice, while it isn’t worth it to repair a roof on the brink of failure due to old age
  • Available finances.  If you are on a tight budget, roof repairs can buy you time to plan for a replacement
  • How much time you have available.  If rainy weather is fast approaching, for example, repairs may provide a quick fix to ride out the rough patch without compromising the safety of your home or business and its occupants or contents

Ultimately, you want an experienced roofing contractor to help you decide whether to repair or plan for roof replacement.  At Rhino Roofers, we conduct an extensive 37-point roof inspection whose findings leave no doubt as to what repairs are needed or replacement is warranted.

Timely roof repair ensures that the roof on your home or business in Bee Cave will protect your property and last for as long as it was designed to last.  Roof repairs are also affordable and can be completed in less time than is required to replace the same roof.  Repairs completed by competent roofers also retain your home’s curb appeal, and you won’t suffer the same degree of inconvenience as you would suffer during roof replacement.

However, roof repairs often provide just first aid, and similar problems may keep happening until you replace that roof.  You also don’t get extended warranties and guarantees on materials and workmanship for repairs.

Rhino Roofers is Your Bee Cave Roof Repair Expert

It isn’t always necessary to replace a damaged roof in Bee Cave, but we can help you decide.  Contact Rhino Roofers for a free 37-point inspection and quote detailing the needed roof repairs.

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