Filing your insurance claim and navigating the insurance process can be a difficult and confusing experience for many homeowners. Insurance companies are known for having complex policies, procedures and requirements.  Every step of this process is notorious for being challenging to understand and follow. Additionally, the insurance and claims filing process can be time consuming to the point where you are spending hours speaking to reps and potentially even more hours being on hold.

Many roofers in Central Texas claim to be able to handle insurance and claims filing. As a result, they may offer to handle this process on behalf of the homeowner. However,  but in several cases, these pop-up storm chasing companies are not equipped do so effectively. Moreover, mismanagement of insurance claims can result in denials or underpayment, which leaves you, the homeowner, with less money to repair or replace your roof.

All things considered, our team of roofing experts have over 50 years of combined experience working with insurance companies in the roofing industry. Nevertheless, we understand the complexities of insurance policies as well as their procedures and requirements. We will work closely with you, the homeowner, to ensure your insurance claims are not only accurate, but also filed in a timely manner. 

In conclusion, we will handle all aspects of your insurance and claim filing process, from filling out the forms to negotiating with the insurance companies. Our Rhino team has a deep understanding of the roofing industry and can help homeowners navigate the tough waters of the insurance industry. All in all, we work tirelessly to ensure homeowners receive a 5-star experience, especially when it comes to the insurance and claims process.