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Your Lakeway home deserves the best possible care. The first place to start is with your roof. A good roof is the backbone of home safety, so investing in quality materials and an experienced contractor is vital to keeping your space safe. Partnering with the right contractor before you need them future-proofs your home or business’s structure.

The Right Protection for Your Lakeway Roof

With resorts along Lake Travis and activities galore, Lakeway offers a laid-back, lakeside lifestyle. While lakes make for resort-ready scenery and fun in the sun, they also bring severe weather and wear and tear on your roof. It’s important to make sure that your home or business’s structure is built well.

A Safe Home for Peace of Mind

A good roof is one less thing to worry about. Find a contractor that offers great-fitting gutters and quality materials. Gutters that fit your home prevent costly water damage to your roof, siding, and foundation, while the right roofing material can insulate, create stylish curb appeal, and even provide fireproofing. Here are some roofing options a contractor will offer.

  • Asphalt: Over 80% of U.S. homes use asphalt roofing. This is due to its endless colors and styles and unbeatable price point.
  • Metal: If you’re looking to upgrade, consider a metal roof. The most protective yet expensive material, metal roofing can last for decades.
  • Tile: If your Lakeway home has a specific style, tile roofing is great. This style of roofing is unique, with added protection over asphalt.

Protecting Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties require different attention than residential properties. With higher liability risks and people and products to keep safe, your business’s roof needs to be built well and watertight. The style of roof you choose will likely depend on your commercial property’s architecture.

  • Single Ply Membrane: A common type of roofing that includes PVC and TPO roofing, single-ply membrane roofs offer a great price point.
  • Commercial Metal: Like residential metal roofing, commercial metal roofing is ideal for impact and fire resistance.
  • Foam: Spray foam roofs are an affordable, environmentally friendly option.
  • Modified Bitumen: Perfect for flat roofs, modified bitumen roofs are flexible with great water and impact resistance.
Keeping Your Roof in Good Shape

No matter which style of roofing you choose, maintenance is important when caring for your property. A well-maintained roof can withstand stormy weather and keep your property in its best condition. This is especially important for areas with volatile weather.

Contractors should take some of the stress of replacement and repairs away from you. Find a contractor who is familiar with working alongside insurance companies. They should partner with your insurance to find the best way to keep your repairs affordable.

Don’t wait for roofers who don’t respond or do the bare minimum. Rhino Roofers has an experienced team ready to tackle even the toughest roofing projects. If you’re looking to repair your existing roof or install a brand-new one, our team of contractors is the best choice in the Lakeway area. Book an inspection or consultation online and get in touch today.