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If you call Clarksville home, you know about its gorgeous warm summers and rainy, wet winters. But it’s those Texas winds and scorching heat that wear your roof down drastically. When your roof suffers damage, it can’t protect your property as intended. Rhino Roofers provides free Central Texas roof inspections for both residential and commercial real estate.

Should You Repair Your Roof?

Trying to decide between replacing your old roof with a new one or simply repairing it? Well, your budget and its current condition are the biggest factors in your case. A roof repair job saves you money and time if a roof inspection reveals under 30% damage.

If the damage only affects a tiny area and you only need minor fixes, Rhino Roofers can make repairs fast at a reasonable cost. In this case, getting a complete roofing makeover is best only for improved curb appeal.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

When your property’s curb appeal and increasing value are key, a new roof makes all the sense. But if your end goal is extending its overall life expectancy, simply repair your roof. This improves both functionality and aesthetics without major costs.

How does fixing your roof compare to a roof installation project?

  • More Affordable – Contractors need fewer materials, which means less time and labor, which equates to lower costs
  • Quicker Completion – Pulling out your old roof and replacing it with a new one takes longer than quick fixes
  • Convenience – Less prep work means less inconvenience for you and your household while work is being done

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

There are both cons and pros to roof repair jobs. Yes, it’s more affordable than getting a new roof, but you still need to know your options. Sometimes, saving a bit of money now will not save you money in the long term. Here are some of the disadvantages and advantages of opting for a roof-fixing project:

Some pros of roof repair include:

    • Helps locate and correct damage
    • Requires less time and less prep work
    • Rejuvenates and revives your structure
    • Fixes minor issues before they become unmanageable

Some downsides of roof repair projects include:

    • Only addresses issues visible to the naked eye, not those hidden beneath the roof’s surface
    • Styles and colors of older shingles don’t always match newer roofing materials, leaving mismatched areas here and there

Rhino Roofers Roof Repairs Clarksville

At Rhino Roofers, we transform your ugly roof into a functional support system for your Central Texas property. Keep your home or business real estate stable for years with a quality, eco-friendly roofing solution. Call us for an honest recommendation that doesn’t break the bank.

Replacing a roof can be expensive. Avoid having to get a new roof for your Clarksville residential or commercial property. Repair those minor issues before they’re too big to control. Call your Rhino Roofers contractors to schedule your consultation or reserve a date and time for your free roof evaluation online today.