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Every home has to bear the brunt of the outside elements, but with the severe weather in Boerne, it’s imperative to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Major damage can occur at any time, so you should know your roof’s condition and be ready for replacement or repairs. Here are some tips for deciding if your roof is ready for a replacement.

Keeping an Eye Out for Roof Damage

Homes in Boerne and other towns in central Texas are susceptible to major damage from wind and hail. The impact from falling branches, wear and tear, and weather damage all take a toll on your roof and cause issues. This is why it is important to regularly check for damage, on your own and with a professional roofer.

After any severe storm, you should always check for roof damage. If you see missing shingles, cracks, or algae growth, those are small issues that could be hiding major damage. Other signs of roof damage to look out for are granules from shingles littering the ground or interior water damage.

If you see signs of damage or if your roof is starting to age, it’s time to seek out the opinion of a professional roofer. A roofer can spot damage below the roof’s surface that a layperson wouldn’t notice. When you’re choosing a roofing company to contact, you’ll want to find one with plenty of experience that also offers thorough inspections.

Deciding on Roof Replacement

Let’s say that you’ve spotted damage and you’re not sure if it’s better to repair or replace your roof. Many roofs can technically be repaired when damaged but would be more reliable if replaced entirely. 

Positives and negatives of roof replacement:

  • Replacement guarantees that all of your roofing issues will be resolved.
  • Replacing a roof increases curb appeal and reduces stress on your HVAC system, extending its life and saving energy
  • A new roof increases curb appeal, which means more money when selling your home.
  • Replacement allows you to choose a higher-quality, more durable roof.
  • A repair can also solve the problem, though it often speeds up the countdown to a replacement.
  • A replacement is costly and will have out-of-pocket costs or require you to pay your full deductible.
  • Roof replacement is costly in time and money.

Whatever road you choose, working with a quality contractor will help you get the most out of your roof. A good contractor even helps you navigate insurance issues. They will take you from choosing your colors and materials through installation and clean up and then help you inspect and repair your roof throughout its lifetime.

Contact Rhino Roofers for Roof Replacement in Boerne

With Boerne homes regularly taking a beating from wind and hail, Rhino Roofers is ready to take on any of your roofing challenges. Our free 37-point inspection service takes a thorough look at your roof so you can be confident that you’ll know your roof’s condition. When it comes time to replace or repair, trust the knowledgeable experts at Rhino Roofers.

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