San Antonio, Texas, known for its rich history and cultural tapestry, is also home to a unique and intriguing establishment: Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor. Combining the thrill of supernatural exploration with a fascination for the unusual, this attraction invites visitors to delve into the mysterious and eerie side of San Antonio’s past. More can be found here.

Grimm Beginnings

Founded by sisters Kelsey and Lexi Sutherland, Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor emerged from a shared passion for storytelling and the paranormal. The sisters sought to create an immersive experience that would blend the city’s historical narratives with spine-chilling tales of the supernatural. Visit more about Discovering the Depths: Natural Wonders at Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio, TX.

Ghost Tours: Unveiling San Antonio’s Haunted Past

The heart of Sisters Grimm’s offerings lies in its ghost tours, where visitors embark on nocturnal journeys through San Antonio’s historic districts. Led by knowledgeable guides, participants explore sites with reputations for paranormal activity, listening to chilling tales that intertwine history with ghostly encounters.

The tours often include visits to iconic locations such as the Alamo, Menger Hotel, and the Spanish Governor’s Palace, each with its haunted history. As participants navigate dimly lit streets and alleyways, they become part of the city’s spectral stories, heightening their senses to the possibility of the supernatural.

Oddities Parlor: A Curious Collection

Complementing the ghostly adventures, the Oddities Parlor provides a haven for those intrigued by the unusual and macabre. The parlor houses a curated collection of oddities, antiques, and curiosities that tell tales of past events. From vintage medical instruments to taxidermy specimens, each item sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Visitors to the Oddities Parlor can browse through shelves adorned with peculiar artifacts, adding an extra layer of fascination to their exploration of San Antonio’s paranormal mysteries. The parlor serves as an extension of the Sisters Grimm experience, offering a tangible connection to the eerie and the extraordinary.

Paranormal Investigations: Unearth the Unexplained

For those seeking a more immersive encounter with the supernatural, Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor offers paranormal investigations. Participants join experienced investigators using specialized equipment to explore reputedly haunted locations. This hands-on experience provides a unique opportunity to interact with the unknown, bridging the gap between skepticism and the unexplained.

Led by knowledgeable guides well-versed in each location’s history and paranormal activity, the investigations offer a glimpse into the mysterious realm that lies beyond the veil. Whether capturing electronic voice phenomena or documenting anomalous readings, participants become part of a real-life ghost-hunting adventure.

Community Engagement and Events

Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor actively engages with the local community, organizing special events and collaborations. From themed ghost tours during holidays to partnerships with other local businesses, the establishment fosters a sense of camaraderie among those intrigued by the supernatural.

Educational initiatives, including lectures on paranormal phenomena and the history of San Antonio, contribute to the community’s understanding of the city’s rich tapestry. The Sisters Grimm team’s commitment to community engagement goes beyond entertainment, aiming to create an inclusive space for sharing stories and experiences.

Sustainability and Respect for the Past

Acknowledging the historical significance of the locations they explore, Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor emphasizes the importance of respect and ethical conduct during their activities. The team works to preserve the integrity of historical sites and ensures that their tours and investigations do not compromise the well-being of these locations.

By promoting responsible and sustainable paranormal tourism, Sisters Grimm seeks to balance the thrill of supernatural exploration with a genuine appreciation for the historical context of the places they visit.


Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours & Oddities Parlor in San Antonio, TX, weaves a tapestry of mystery, history, and the supernatural. Whether navigating the haunted streets on a ghost tour, exploring the Oddities Parlor’s curious collection, or participating in paranormal investigations, visitors are invited to step into a world where the line between the living and the spectral blurs. Through community engagement and a commitment to ethical practices, Sisters Grimm adds a unique and enriching dimension to San Antonio’s cultural landscape, inviting all who dare to explore the unknown.