Fun Things To Do With Kids In Leon Valley

Leon Valley is the gateway to some of the best activities in San Antonio. If you’re looking to throw a birthday party for your kid or simply want to keep them entertained on weekends or during the holidays, these are some of the fun things to do with kids in Leon Valley:

San Antonio Aquarium

The San Antonio Aquarium is an excellent place for kids to learn about and engage with thousands of aquatic and land animals. The aquarium’s interactive exhibits give visitors a chance to actively engage with animals providing them with an opportunity to learn about these animals and foster a love for the animal kingdom and environment as a whole.

K1 Speed

For all the kids who love cars, go-karts, and simply going fast, K1 Speed is the perfect venue. K1 Speed offers visitors a thrilling go-kart experience accompanied by delicious food and a playful atmosphere. The venue is an excellent location for birthday parties, holiday visits, and more.

Leon Creek Greenway

For parents trying to get their children away from their phones, computers, and gaming devices and into the fresh air, the Leon Creek Greenway is the perfect place. The Leon Creek Greenway
is a 12.3-mile tranquil oasis that gives visitors the opportunity to walk, run or bike through the area. Immerse the kids into the beauty of nature at the Leon Creek Greenway.

Mission Adventures

Explore the exciting history of San Antonio with Mission Adventures. Mission Adventures takes visitors on a bike tour along the Mission Reach Trail, stopping by all the historical sites and art installations along the way. Participants will get to stop by 2-3 of San Antonio’s missions and engage with the history of the site.

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