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Rhino Roofers has decades of experience in the Selma metal roofing industry. We offer lifetime workmanship and 50-year product warranties for all Central Texas homeowners and commercial property owners. Protect the integrity of your real estate. Schedule a free consultation so we can help you decide on the best budget-friendly roofing solution for your needs.

Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is constructed using copper, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, or granite metals. These materials are lightweight, durable, fireproof, and simple to install. This helps keep material, installation, and overall costs down. Rhino Roofers offers a wide selection of styles and colors that give your home a touch of uniqueness to add to its curb appeal. 

This roofing type is very popular for low-slope commercial roofs. However, metal roofs are no longer just for businesses. Today, they are common for multi-family and other residential property owners seeking long-term roofing options. Give Rhino Roofers a call to discuss the best options for your Selma real estate.

Metal Roofing Options

Rhino Roofers offers the following metal roofing solutions in the Selma area:

  • Aluminum Roofs – Basic, durable, lightweight, and affordable with limited labor required.
  • Copper Roofs – Flexible panels, shingles, and continuous styles provide increased flexibility and handle serious weather conditions.
  • Steel Roofs – Recyclable, energy-efficient, durable, lightweight, simple to install, affordable and customizable.
  • Corrugated Roofs – Prefabricated, durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and effectively directs water away from the property.
  • StandingSeam Roofs – Offers extra protection, interlocking mechanisms, and three different seam types.
  • Metal Shingle Roofs – Looks like wood, cedar, ceramic, or slate shingles but are more versatile, lightweight, and fire-resistant.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an outstanding choice for some homeowners and commercial real estate owners. However, it’s not the best roofing solution for everyone in every situation. Your budget, location, and long-term goals matter when choosing roofing materials.

These are just a handful of the outstanding advantages of replacing your commercial or residential roofing material with a metal roof: 

  • Strong – Metal withstands animals, debris, and various types of severe weather, such as gusts of high winds.
  • Long-Lasting – When maintained correctly, metal lasts for 60+ years, or your life in your home in some cases.
  • Overall Cost Savings – Because the roofing lasts for decades, it costs less than asphalt shingles over the roof’s lifetime.
  • Simple Maintenance – Limited upkeep is needed when compared to roofing solutions like concrete, tile, or shingles.
  • Eco-Friendly – Metal is recyclable, making metal roofs environmentally friendly as old materials are recycled for scraps instead of trashed in landfills.
Trust Rhino Roofers for Your Metal Roofing Needs

When you install a new metal roof, you provide your property with one of the industry’s most durable roofing materials. They are constructed to withstand high winds known to wreak havoc throughout the Central Texas region. Metal doesn’t break down with time or rust, making it an effective style for Selma roofs.

Ready to discuss your roofing choices and the best solution for your real estate? Consult with your local industry experts for an honest evaluation. Call your local metal roofing contractors at Rhino Roofers or schedule your free roof assessment online today.