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More and more homeowners in Schertz are choosing metal roofs for their homes. Perhaps you’re wondering about the reason behind this long-lasting trend. While rain on a tin roof is truly one of the most soothing sounds, there are also many other reasons to choose a metal roof. Read on to learn more about why metal roofs have become so popular in Schertz! 

Metal: The Best Choice for Long Lasting Roofs

When purchasing a new roof, many homeowners are amazed by the long lifespan and durability of a metal roof. While traditional roofing lasts between 10-20 years (25 if they are well-maintained), the strong materials used for metal roofs in Schertz can last as long as the house itself. Some roofs last up to 70 years! 

Metal roofs are fire, heat, and impact-resistant, which is a great choice considering the climate in Schertz. With a variety of options, metal roofs are versatile and affordable. 

A Variety of Options

While some Schertz homeowners imagine an old-school tin-topped barn when they think of metal roofs, this does not need to be the case. There is a wide variety of metal roofing choices with different colors, finishes, metals, and textures.

The most common metals in roofing are copper, steel, aluminum, and tin. While copper is an exceptionally stylish choice for homes, many home and business owners in Schertz find that aluminum, steel, and tin are good options. 

There are three main types of metal roofs: 

  • Standing seam panels are one of the oldest roofing systems in use today. They are made up of flat sheets of metal with raised seams. There are three seam types (snap-lock, mechanical lock, or batten panel), each offering different types of protection based on the climate of the building. 
  • Metal shingles are perfect for homeowners who want a metal roof that looks like any other roof type but with the benefits of metal roofing. Metal shingles can look like any material, including wood, slate, or ceramic shingles. 
  • Corrugated metal is great at directing water away from a building but was not traditionally used for homes because it was not as attractive as other roof types. However, newer types of corrugated metal roofs are more aesthetically pleasing. 
More than Durable

Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly! Made up of at least 25 percent recyclable materials, they are entirely recyclable, while traditional roofs usually end up in a landfill. Additionally, metal roofing pairs well with other eco-conscious and energy-efficient choices like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. 

Metal roofs are also more energy efficient, directing heat away from the building to reduce cooling costs. And because they are so strong, they rarely require replacement for issues like corrosion or damage, resulting in less material consumption overall! It’s a win for the home or business owner and the planet!  

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Rhino Roofers is the best choice when considering a Schertz metal roofing contractor. We offer a great selection of metals and will walk you through each option so you can make an informed decision. From the beginning assessment to the build day, we guarantee our customers a high-quality, professional, and affordable roofing process that shows the utmost respect for them and their homes!