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A quality roof is the most important component of a safe and comfortable home. Luckily, depending on materials, environment, and quality of workmanship, a roof can last for decades. However, that is only true if a roof is maintained correctly and any damages are repaired promptly. Knowing the signs that your roof needs repair and whether it’s time for repairs or a replacement can save any Pflugerville homeowner a lot of time and stress.  

Is Your Roof Ready for Repairs?

The first step is to know the signs your roof might need repair. These include:

  • Wind Damage. Shingles lifted due to strong winds can lead to loosened nails and leave exposed spots on the roof. 
  • Crackling, Curling, or Damaged Shingles. Shingles experience wear and tear over time. However, if they are crackling, curling, or damaged, they expose your roof to further damage. 
  • Exposed Nails. Exposed nails may be a sign of other damage to the roof, but in any case, they lead to water damage and rust.  
  • Hail Damage. Hailstones can tear or puncture asphalt shingles and knock granules off, leaving an exposed surface for UV rays or water damage. 

Conscientious homeowners should have an inspection completed by a trusted Pflugerville roofing contractor if they have any reason to believe these forms of damage are present on their roofs.  

Repair Vs. Replacement

While many homeowners worry that a damaged roof must be replaced, there is a chance it only needs repairs. This is why it is vital to have a thorough Pflugerville roof repair team inspect the roof and educate the homeowner on their options. Whether to repair or replace will often be dependent on a few different factors, such as:

  • The age of the roof. 
  • The type and extent of any damages. 
  • The architectural elements of the home and roof, especially in historic homes. 

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

Whether to repair or replace a roof is ultimately the homeowner’s choice. However, there are times when one or the other is objectively smarter. Some of the pros of roof repair include:

  • Allowing the homeowner to arrange a repair on short notice before roof damage can affect the rest of the home. 
  • Allowing the homeowner to maintain the structural architectural integrity of a classic or historic home. 
  • Allowing the homeowner to make a plan for roof replacement down the road when they have the time and money to do so. 

However, roof repair does not work in all cases. You might want to consider replacing your roof in the following cases:

  • The roof is already quite old.
  • The repairs are extensive and would be too expensive to justify. 
  • There is water damage. 
Ready for Roof Repairs? Contact Rhino Roofers

Knowing whether to repair or replace your roof shouldn’t leave homeowners feeling worried or underinformed. At Rhino Roofers, we perform repairs and replacements, so Pflugerville homeowners never have to worry we’ll recommend replacement too soon. We are happy to help you with any of your roofing needs! Call us today for a free inspection to learn more about the condition of your roof! 

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