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Deciding between roof repair and roof replacement is no easy task. You save time and money by making simple repairs and replacing a few tiles. But for more extensive damage or a complete roofing makeover, your best option is installing a new roof. Rhino Roofers helps Leander property owners improve their property with cost-effective, energy-efficient roof replacement services.

Should You Replace Your Roof?

Your Leander real estate is worthless without a functional roof. Without one, your property may become exposed to outdoor elements and suffer from water damage. However, no roof last forever. So, inspect it regularly for signs of major wear and tear or other visible damage. If you notice rot or mold, the problems may be bigger than you think.

Save money by being proactive. Catch minor problems before they become greater issues. This allows you to keep costs at a minimum by making simple repairs. But if your roof has severe damage, your only option is to replace it with a new one. Roof replacement protects your real estate while increasing market value and curb appeal.

8 Signs You Need a New Roof

Here are eight problems to check for when deciding whether to replace your roof:

  1. Attic shows signs of water damage
  2. Roof is drooping or sagging
  3. Shingles buckle or curl
  4. Unreasonably high cooling bills
  5. Roof’s lifespan has come to an end
  6. Missing flashing or other support tool is compromised
  7. Showing signs of moss, mold, fungi, or mildew
  8. Roof continuously leaks

Pros and Cons of a Roof Replacement

Why waste hard-earned money de-installing your old roof when it only needs minor repairs? Yet, spending time repairing damaged areas and replacing missing shingles just to find out the damage is much bigger can be a disaster.

A roof replacement is a much bigger financial investment than making minor repairs. Here are some pros and cons of installing an energy-efficient up-to-date roof to help you make the best choice:

Pros of Roof Replacements

  • Creates better curb appeal
  • Improves the value of the property
  • Reduces costs of cooling the building
  • Longer lifespan than older roofs
  • Long-term property improvement
  • Helps identify and correct issues hidden beyond the roof’s surface

Cons of Roof Replacements

  • Roof repair is less expensive
  • Takes longer than making repairs
  • Requires more materials, labor and time than a repair job

Rhino Roofers Roof Replacement Services in Leander

We’re here to assist you if you still haven’t decided which roofing solution is best for your home or commercial property. Check out the Rhino Roofers video How to Check Your Roof for Damage for more information. We guide you through a DIY roof inspection to check for mold, holes, leaks, and other types of damage. We can also schedule a date and time to come out and evaluate your roof’s current condition. Our Central Texas roof contractors thoroughly inspect your structure to let you know if it needs replacing. Put your trust in our honest roofers to provide outstanding customer service for your Leander home, business, or corporation. Schedule your free evaluation today.