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For Leander residents, hot summer days, rainy winter nights, and a mild climate are a breeze. But for your roof, it’s a different story. Residential and commercial real estate can suffer damage from these weather conditions. No matter how your roof gets damaged, Rhino Roofers provides personalized solutions that help keep your property intact.

Should You Repair Your Roof?

Wondering if repairing your roof makes more sense than installing a new one? Well, that depends on its current condition. Does the damage only affect less than 30% of the roof? If so, you may not need to replace it. A repair project may be sufficient.

When minor damage only affects a small area, roofing contractors can usually patch it up in no time at all. Repairing it instead of replacing it decreases overall costs substantially.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Are improving your Leander property’s curb appeal or overall market value your goals? Then, installing a roof makes a great financial, long-term investment for a real estate owner. If not, you must understand your choices to make the best decision.

Instead of replacing your roof, making repairs may be a good option. Your current budget, time frame, and other factors assist when deciding between roof repairs and replacement. Here are some things to consider before you decide:

  • Affordability – Requires fewer materials and less labor, with quicker completion time, all lowering the overall costs of repairs versus a new roof
  • Faster – Repairs take much less time than tearing out the old roof and replacing it with a brand-new one
  • Convenience – Home life is rarely interrupted with repairs, unlike replacing a roof, which may require moving appliances, pets, furniture, etc…

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

The route you should choose depends on the situation. In some cases, a simple repair is the most cost-effective choice. But we want you to make an educated decision. Use the information below when weighing your roofing solution option for your Leander home, small business, or big corporation:

Pros of Roof Repair

Some benefits of repairing your roof include:

  • Patching a few holes by replacing a few tiles costs much less than a complete roof replacement
  • Making repairs to your roof could take hours, while installing a new roof could take days, depending on the structure’s size
  • Repairing problem spots, as opposed to ignoring them, extends the overall life of your building’s roofing system

Cons of Roof Repair

Some disadvantages of repairing your roof include:

  • Unseen, bigger problems may exist beyond the roof’s surface, especially if you have an older roof
  • Patchwork may leave you with mismatched tiles where contractors were unable to match the colors of the new tiles with the older ones
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At Rhino Roofers, we are a highly skilled team of roofing contractors. We guide you through replacing or repairing your commercial or residential property’s roof. Get an evaluation from our honest contractors. They’ll help you understand and weigh your best options. Don’t wait until your minor problems become big ones. Contact us today for a free at-home estimate before it’s too late. Schedule your free roof evaluation today.