Professional Hutto Metal Roofing

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Metal roofs are fireproof and extremely durable, with some lasting over 100 years. They are also lightweight, making them easier to install. This cuts labor time, lowering installation costs. What a great advantage over some other roofing materials! If you’re ready to try metal roofing for your home or business, Rhino Roofers delivers 5-star services throughout the Hutto, TX area. Schedule your free evaluation today.

What Is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofers install long-lasting roofs using copper steel, aluminum, etc… These roofs were once only common with commercial properties. But today, thanks to updated style choices, residential real estate owners also find value in these roofing solutions. Innovative choices like shingle-style metal help improve curb appeal and energy efficiency for both homeowners and business property owners.

Rhino Roofers helps you improve your structure with the best metal roof for your budget, style, and needs. Corrugated galvanized roofing works well for low-sloping roofs, while stainless steel or tin are more suitable in some other cases. Either way, our honest contractors work effortlessly to guide you through making the best possible choice.

Metal Roofing Options

Some popular types of metal roofs installed in Hutto include:

  • Aluminum – Less labor involved, making it more affordable than other metals, yet it’s less fashionable
  • Copper – Survives heavy rains and winds due to its flexibility and comes in three different styles
  • Steel – Customizable, energy-efficient, recyclable, and lower labor costs than other types of metals
  • Shingles – Fire-resistant material with the versatility to resemble cedar, slate, wood, or ceramic shingles
  • Standing-Seam – Interlocking mechanism helps protect the materials by securely locking them in place
  • Corrugated – Alternated grooves and ridges act as pathways for water to travel down your roof and away from your home, which also keeps the roof corrosion resistant

Benefits of Metal Roofing

In areas where the roof must withstand Texas hail, winds, storms, and even heatwaves, metal makes an outstanding choice for your budget. And here’s why:

  • Long-Lasting – This material’s 50+ year life span is its greatest advantage. Zinc and copper standing aluminum and standing seam shingles can last up to 100 years.
  • Lightweight – Lower installation costs due to lower labor and material costs, making metal less expensive than concrete tiles.
  • Simple & Fast – These sections and panels are easier to handle than other materials. So, they’re installed faster, cutting time and labor costs.
  • Surface Area – Because metal is slippery, snow and ice generally don’t stick. This is especially true with dark tones of PVDF-coated materials.
  • Fungus-Free – Metal is safe from mold, mildew, moss, and fungus attacks. Rodents, pests, and other pesky animals, like raccoons, can’t penetrate it to get to your attic.
  • EnergyEfficient – Reflects sun rays very well. This could help decrease your cooling costs by about 30% monthly.
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At Rhino Roofers, we built our five-star Central Texas reputation using quality products while providing outstanding customer service. We aim to work with you while creating the perfect roofing solution for your budget, needs, and style.

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