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Metal Roof Installation

With windy conditions lasting half of the year, property owners in Helotes, TX, have to think carefully about the roof they choose for their properties. If you want to replace the aging or damaged roof over your home, a metal roof may be your best choice.

Some would say metal roofs were specially made for our weather in Texas, given how well they shield properties from heavy rain, high winds, and hail and deflect the harsh sunlight. Some roof types, such as shingles, will easily be dislodged or damaged by inclement weather, but metal roofs remain solid.

If you are concerned about your eco-footprint in Helotes, a metal roof fits the bill. It lasts long and prevents landfills from clogging up since it is fully recyclable. At Rhino Roofers, we can sometimes install a metal roof right onto an existing roof. This keeps the old roof from ending up in a landfill.

Metal Roofing Options in Helotes, TX

For a cost-effective roof, aluminum metal roofing may be the right choice. It is flexible, thin, and lightweight. These properties make aluminum easy to install and twist into various shapes for a unique look. The reflective nature of aluminum can also be beneficial in keeping your energy bills affordable.

If your budget is more flexible, copper roofing is a great option. With superior flexibility and durability compared to aluminum, copper will give your home admirable curb appeal due to its ability to be easily shaped to resemble other roofing materials like tiles.

Copper and aluminum pale compared to steel roofing in terms of durability, strength, and reflectivity. With a steel roof over your home, rest assured of reliable protection for decades at a minimal maintenance cost. In fact, rain does most of the job of keeping this roof in good shape!

The Unique Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Long-term value. With a lifespan that is often more than 50 years, a metal roof is a cost-effective long-term investment. Properties with other roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, can go through three roof changes while a metal roof is still going strong.
  • Minimal maintenance. Most times, rain is enough to keep the metal roof clean, and all you need is a professional inspection once or twice a year to confirm that everything is as it should be.
  • Ecologically friendly. Being recyclable endless times, metal roofing gets top marks on sustainability, which is further boosted by the long lifespan of these roofs.
  • Aesthetics. Metal roofs come in boundless varieties of colors and styles, boosting curb appeal in ways no other roof can.

For the Best Metal Roofing Options, Call Rhino Roofers

Metal roofs have proven their mettle for decades but are they right for your property? Talk to an experienced roofer in Helotes, TX, for professional recommendations. For the best quality and service, contact Rhino Roofers. We will thoroughly inspect your property, discuss our findings with you and recommend the best way forward. We are happy to help the people of Central Texas!

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