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Sudden roof issues can feel like a nightmare for most Cedar Park homeowners. A compromised roof can quickly escalate into other issues, impacting the health and safety of your family. If you’re looking to fix your roof issues, there are typically two solutions: replacement or repair. So, how can you tell if roof repair is the right solution for your home?

How to Tell if You Need Roof Repairs

After Cedar Park’s severe storms, you should check your home for signs of roof damage. Look at both the interior and exterior of your home. From the interior, look at your walls, ceilings, and HVAC system. From the exterior, look from the street and get a close view with a magnifying pair of binoculars. Here are some signs of roof damage you may notice.

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Buckling or curling areas, especially around chimneys and skylights
  • Fallen granules in your gutters
  • Rust on your flashing
  • Small, black spots hinting at hail damage
  • Water stains on your ceiling or HVAC system

If any of these signs are present in your home, it’s time to talk to a roofing contractor. An experienced roofer will walk you through your repair process to get your home back in its best condition.

Choosing Roof Repair or Replacement

Whenever your roof needs to be fixed, you’ll likely choose between repairing it or replacing it. Some solid signs tell you that you should choose repair and replacement, but ultimately, you’ll want to find an experienced roofer and work with them to make your choice. Your contractor will consider the following points while helping you make your decision.

You might need a repair if…

  • You might need a repair if…
    • Your roof has only experienced minor damage.
    • The roof is only damaged in a small area.
    • The interior of your home hasn’t shown water damage.
    • Most of your roof is fine.
    • You recently built your home or replaced your roof.
  • You might need a replacement if…

    • The roof has seen catastrophic storm or impact damage.
    • You have made multiple repairs to your roof already.
    • You have extensive water damage inside or outside of your home.
    • There are sagging or dips, indicating structural damage.
    • Your roof is over twenty years old.

What to Expect During Repair

The roof repair process can disrupt your life but is typically over fairly quickly, especially if you’re working with a dedicated roofing company. From inspection to insurance, here are some pros and cons of seeking roof repair.

  • Pros
    • It is less expensive and faster than replacement.
    • You have more time to save for replacement.
    • Quick repairs extend the life of your roof.
  • Cons
    • Your life will be disrupted, and you may need to temporarily relocate.
    • It could void your warranty.
    • The roof will eventually need replacement.

Rhino Roofers knows the roofing solutions Cedar Park homes need. Whether you need roof replacement, roof repair, or an inspection, one of our experienced roofing contractors is ready to work with you. Contact our team today for a free 37-point inspection and find out how we can help you keep your home safe.

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