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For safety, damage prevention, and curb appeal, there’s nothing more important to your home than a solid roof. When your roof has taken damage, it might be time to look into a roof replacement. A compromised roof is a huge liability, whether the damage is sudden or gradual with age. Working with a good contractor for your Canyon Lake home can make this intimidating process go smoothly.

Deciding if Your Roof Needs Replacement

There are a variety of reasons that your roof needs to be replaced. The severe weather in Central Texas can shorten the life of a roof by causing major storm damage from wind, rain, and hail. Roofs can also need a replacement after years of wear, tear, and impact. Checking your roof after major weather events and as it ages can prevent damage from becoming large issues within the home, such as water damage.

Before calling in a professional, you can get an idea of how serious your roof issues are by taking a look yourself. The state of your shingles is a big clue. Are they cracked, missing, loose, or shedding granules onto the ground? There’s a good chance it’s from a compromised roof. Hail damage can be harder to see without magnifying binoculars, but it shows up as small black dots on your shingles.

Calling in a professional for inspection is important. They can clue into the damage that won’t be visible to the layperson. When looking for a professional roofer, find one with free inspections and years of experience with Canyon Lake homes.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a huge decision. It’s important to prepare yourself for the process, good and bad. Here are some pros and cons of replacing your roof.

  • Pros
    • 40% of your home’s curb appeal comes from an attractive roof. Replacing your roof before selling your home typically brings in a higher offer.
    • Roof replacement allows you to upgrade to a higher-quality material like metal.
    • A full replacement addresses issues like water damage, mold, and rot that might not have been visible.
    • Modern materials can reduce stress on your HVAC system. 
  • Cons
    • A replacement is expensive and takes a lot of time to complete.
    • Smaller issues can be addressed by repairs.
    • A roof replacement has more steps than a roof repair and more ways to potentially be delayed.
Rhino Roofers is Your Roof Replacement Expert

Whether you’re seeking a repair or a replacement, your home deserves to be in the best hands. Working with a roofer will typically start with a full roof inspection to determine the extent of your roof damage. From there, your roofing company should handle installation and clean-up. Additionally, they’ll typically help you work with your insurance company for payment.

Roof replacement is a huge investment. You’ll want to trust your home to an experienced, trustworthy Canyon Lake roofer. Rhino Roofers has over 130 years of combined experience and top-notch customer service for the life of your roof. Get in touch today for a free inspection to determine if your roof is a good candidate for replacement.

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