The Affordable PVC Roofing Services in Austin


PVC roofs (thermoplastic vinyl chloride) are a roofing system that offers many benefits. It’s an economical and durable roofing option that our customers love for commercial properties.

PVC is an industry-standard because it is engineered to stand the test of time. PVC has a fleece backing and is available in thicknesses up to 80 mils, allowing for even better resistance to tearing or water issues.

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Benefits of PVC Roofs

Once you know the benefits of installing a PVC roof on your commercial building, you’ll question why you’ve waited so long:

Compared with other roofing membranes, PVC roofing retains a reflectivity value which offers higher energy efficiency than most roofs.

With its Energy Star rating and highly reflective material, PVC roofing is the obvious choice for environmentally concerned companies.

Companies with a PVC roof can get cool roof tax paybacks as well as LEED credit qualification.

Strong seam bonding and puncture resistance make this material one of the most water-resistant in the commercial industry.

Types of Businesses PVC Roofs are Ideal For

PVC is a good choice for roofs in restaurants, airports, and commercial buildings that have grease, oil, or chemical concerns. PVC’s resistant surface makes it ideal for chemical and grease-based chemicals. It also allows for easy maintenance and repair. It is worth considering for your next roof or re-roofing of your facility.

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