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Are you in dire need of a commercial roof replacement or repair? Rhino Roofers is a trusted, experienced and highly-trained commercial roofing contractor.

Our commercial roofing specialists can assist with everything from complete replacements to minor repairs. We offer a wide range of services and we guarantee our work. Rhino Roofers is a trusted Austin commercial roofing company. Call us today at (512) 361-7663 to schedule a free inspection or for affordable, reliable roofing services.

We Offer Commercial Roofing Services for:

Single-Ply Membranes, made of rubber or other synthetic materials, are applied to insulation to provide protection for commercial buildings. If they are maintained properly, they can last for more than 30 years. There are three main types of single-ply membrane roofs.

Corrugated galvanized steel is a common material for low-slope commercial metal roofs. Commercial metal roofing can also be made from copper, aluminum, stainless and tin. Metal roofs are durable and can be installed on commercial buildings. However, it is more expensive than other commercial roofing options.

Spray Polyurethane foam, also known as SPF, can be sprayed as a liquid to expand into foam and create a solid layer on a commercial roof. Although it is not as popular as other options, Spray Polyurethane foam roofing can still be a good option.

Similar to built-up roofing, modified bitumen roofing is asphalt-based but is usually designed for buildings with low-slope and flat roof structures. MB roofs typically give installers a wider array of options than BUR roofs.

We also specialize in roof coating services for your commercial roof’s added protection.

Rhino Roofers also caters to commercial roofing projects for multi-family properties including HOA-approved roofs and apartment roofsassisted living center roofs, and church roofs.

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Why Hire Rhino Roofers for Your Austin Commercial Roofing Project?

It would be foolish to trust an amateur to repair or install your commercial roof in Austin. It shouldn’t be any different for your business. Rhino Roofers is the best choice for your company over other contractors.

  • Safety: Safety is the most important factor in any commercial roofing project. Our safety record is backed up with years of experience and well-taught safety practices.
  • Quality: Rhino Roofers has completed some of the largest commercial roofing projects in Austin and delivers each project using our leading quality standards, products, and job procedures.
  • Integrity: Rhino Roofers is a trusted and well-respected commercial roofing company in the local area. With years of experience, our reputation is what keeps us at the forefront.
Rhino Roofers installs commercial roofs over thousands and thousands of square feet every year. You will not only get excellent service at an affordable price but also the best return on your investment in commercial buildings.

Every roof at some point in its life will need to be replaced eventually. Rhino Roofers has the experience needed when it comes to replacing roofs.

Rhino Roofers is a leader in Austin commercial roofing repair.  Start today and call us at (512) 361-7663 or book a free inspection online. Once you talk to one of our expert commercial roofing consultants, you’ll see why so many of our clients would never use any other commercial roofing company.

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