Which Roofing Materials Last the Longest?

The lifespan of your roof is impacted by many factors. Climate, weather, installation, and maintenance all significantly affect how well your roof holds up. However, one of the biggest ways you can increase the lifespan of your roof is by choosing a high-quality, durable roofing material. Here are some of the more common roofing materials and how they rank in longevity.

Longest Lasting Roofing Materials

  1. Slate Tiles: Slate is often considered to be the longest-lasting roofing material. Some slate roofs have even been able to last for 150+ years. On the shorter end, slate roofing lasts for around 75 years.
  2. Concrete or Clay Tiles: Clay and concrete have lasted for over a century. Their heavy weight and low maintenance make them last for generations. 
  3. Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is the most common material with higher durability. Metal roofs typically last between 40 and 80 years, which is longer than most people live in a single home.
  4. Wood Shingles or Shakes: A distinctive look, wood shingles or shakes typically last around 30 years.
  5. Asphalt Shingled Roofing: While asphalt shingled roofing is present in over 80% of American homes, asphalt shingles typically need replacement anywhere from 15-30 years after installation. 3-tab shingles will have a shorter lifespan than architectural shingles.

Get the Most Out of Your Roof's Lifespan

While longevity is important, there are some drawbacks to heavy-duty materials. They may not be the right choice for your home due to weight, aesthetics, or cost. While choosing roofing materials, work with a knowledgeable roofer who can help you make an informed choice.

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