How to Get the Most Out of Asphalt Roofing

Prolong the Life of Your Shingled Roof with Our Roofing Tips

Nothing provides better protection for your home than a sturdy roof.  As a homeowner, you want your roof to last as long as possible.  With a little love, your asphalt roof can protect your San Antonio home for many years. 

Clean Your Gutters

Clean gutters are important to maintaining a healthy roof, so you shouldn’t ignore them.  If your gutters become clogged with leaves, dirt, or other debris, water can pool on the edge of your roof, which can harm your shingles and cause leaks. 

Remove Branches and Other Debris

Regularly check your roof for branches or other debris, especially after severe weather.  Debris may seem harmless, but it can easily clog your gutters or puncture your shingles.  If you have a tree near your house, trim away branches that hang over your roof to prevent falling debris and keep your roof dry, which will help prevent moss growth. 

Insulation and Ventilation

Your asphalt roof takes on a lot of heat during our hot San Antonio summers.  Help your asphalt stay cooler by properly insulating and ventilating your attic to ensure a proper flow of cool air and warm air.  You should also ensure all of your vents are unobstructed. 

Clean Off Moss

The characteristic granule coating of asphalt shingles is a perfect breeding ground for moss.  Moss spores easily attach to the rough surface of asphalt and sneak underneath your shingles.  As the moss grows into clumps, it can begin to lift your shingles, creating an opportunity for water to leak through.  Regular cleaning can prevent costly water damage. 

Schedule Your Roof Inspection with Rhino Roofers

You work hard to maintain your roof, but there can be bigger, underlying issues that only a professional San Antonio roofer can find and fix.  Contact us today for a free roof inspection!