The Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks According to Homeowners

You rely on your roof to protect your home from all types of weather so having a leaky roof is stressful! As leaks can stem from many different problems, the first step to solving your leak is identifying the underlying cause.    

Broken or Missing Shingles

Asphalt shingles can’t last forever, and as they age, the oils that normally allow them to expand and contract with the weather will dry out, especially in Austin’s hot climate. Your shingles will start to crack, curl, break, or fall off your roof completely, which makes your roof vulnerable to leaks.

Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is a thin metal sheet that diverts water away from your roof’s chimneys, walls, and valleys to help seal them against water penetration. Flashing will typically last around 20 years, but if you notice water damage in your attic or interior walls, it could mean that your flashing is damaged.

Cracked Vent Boots

Excess moisture from inside your home is piped outside via roof vents. They are then sealed with metal flashing and a rubber boot. The seal on a rubber boot will only last 5-7 years before it begins to crack and needs to be replaced. 

Defective Skylights

Skylights are an excellent way to enjoy Austin’s abundant sunlight. However, if a skylight is installed improperly, the flashing or rubber seal can fail and make your skylight an easy entry point for water. 

Clogged Gutters

Clean gutters are very important for preventing leaks. If your gutters become clogged with debris, water cannot flow freely through them and will start to pool on the roof’s edge. 

Call Rhino Roofers to Fix Your Roof Leak

Rhino Roofers can help you identify the cause of your roof leak and fix it quickly! Contact us today, and we will restore your roof to its original condition and prevent further damage.