Signs You’re Dealing With A Bad Roofer

When installing new roofing materials on your house, it’s important to hire a certified and experienced roofing company to complete the project. Sometimes, roofing contractors may appear legitimate on paper; however, their workmanship and customer service often tell the truth about their roofing skills.

If you’ve run into a lousy roofer, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that you’re not cheated and don’t lose money.

Issues With Your New Roof

If a brand new roof already has issues, call your San Antonio roofing company immediately. The roofing company should send a team of roofers within 24 hours to your home to determine and fix the issue before any other elements of your roof are affected.

If it’s a product faulty, your roofing material likely has a warranty that caters to these types of problems. If it’s a workmanship issue, your roofer has to see to it that they repair the issues as soon as possible.

Issues With Your Roofer

If you’ve been experiencing some significant issues with your roofer, such as them not completing the project or going completely radio silent on you, contact BBB for help. They’ll help you contact the roofing company and get them to either complete the project or return any money that you might have paid them.

Signs You’re Dealing With An Unreliable Roofer

Project Delays

If you notice that there are unnecessary delays in your roofing project, the possibilities are high that you’re dealing with an unreliable roofer.

Your roofer may be inexperienced and not know how much work goes into a roofing project, or they might just want more money from you by prolonging your project’s schedule.

Bait and Switch

The bait and switch occur when your roofer initially gives you one total cost of your roofing project and slowly increases it over time, blaming it on things like additional repairs, product issues, roofing issues, etc.

A professional roofer will carefully inspect your rooftop, determine the condition of your roofing system, and then provide you with a quote for all the tasks that need to be completed, the cost of materials, and the projected project completion date.

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