12/18/21 – Significant Hail Pummels Parts Of San Antonio

A few days before Christmas of 2021, several neighborhoods around the San Antonio area were pummeled by golfball-sized hailstones. Early Saturday morning, storm spotters first noticed a severe thunderstorm rumbling over the Floresville area. The storm moved steadily over the area at a speed of about 30mph. Meteorologists warned residents that the storm could deliver golfball-sized hail to the area and cause significant property damage. By 10:30, hail of varying sizes was spotted across the San Antonio area. The hail fall was short-lived as the storm quickly cleared up.

Once the hail stops and the storm clears up, it’s crucial to inspect your home and roofing system to determine if any significant damage occurred. Hail is notorious for causing large dents in roofing materials, causing holes in gutter systems, and breaking windows. As a resident of San Antonio, it’s vital that your home and roofing system is equipped to weather the frequent storms that occur in the area. A poorly-equipped home can cost you thousands in repairs every year.

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