Can Asphalt Shingles Be Installed in Cold Weather?

Your Winter Shingle Roofing Services, Explained

If you missed having your asphalt shingles installed before the Austin, TX winter sets in, you can still do so. However, several necessary precautions and adjustments to the roofing techniques are implemented for it to work. We look at some of those winter-specific adjustments below.

Safety First

Safety hazards are more prevalent during the installation of asphalt shingles in winter weather. Therefore, the roofing crew must wear appropriate PPE like winter-rated boots, warm clothing, and fall-arrest safety equipment.

They also have to work a little slower as extra care is taken regarding where they step, how they lift materials, and so on. Speaking of materials, Austin asphalt shingles need to be kept indoors where it is warm so that they don’t become brittle before installation. How they are stored matters as well. It is recommended that the shingles are flat while in storage so that their shape isn’t distorted.

Other Precautions and Asphalt Shingle Techniques

Asphalt shingles are best installed when the temperature is above 40℉. After all the ice and snow have been removed, roofers have to wait for the sun to warm the roof before installing the shingles.

Experienced Austin, TX roofers will also adjust the pressure settings of their nail guns so that as few as possible blow-throughs occur. In addition, prudent teams will fire six nails into each asphalt shingle during a winter installation job to limit weather-related damage. This is done shortly after the installation has been completed.

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Winter is not reason enough for you to live under a roof that no longer provides the protection your home needs. Contact Rhino Roofers today and let our seasoned roofers inspect your Austin, TX, asphalt roof any time of the year. We will exercise the necessary precautions to install a roof that will serve you for years to come.