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The Rhino Roofers promise is to treat you as we would our own family. We help you understand every step of the process and ensure every aspect is as comfortable as possible. We’ll treat your home respectfully as if it were our own home. We take all safety precautions to ensure the safety of you, your family, pets, gardens, lawn, and property. We promise to build your roof to the stringent Total Protection Roofing System (TPRS) standards. Everything we do will ultimately leave you with a durable roof that will last decades.

Here’s how Rhino Roofers addresses each important area customers have voiced as a concern:

  1. Be honest with me about whether I need a roof replacement or repairs. Integrity is a core value, and we take it very seriously. We will never recommend replacing or repairing your roof if it is not necessary.
  2. Make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We understand replacing your roof is not the most enjoyable project for you. We know the pain points homeowners tend to have, and we commit to proactively addressing each area of concern. We will ensure that this is not only a painless process but one that is refreshingly pleasant.
  3. Educate me to ensure I feel comfortable with the insurance and build process. We will walk you through the build process and the process of working with your insurance company and make the whole process as easy as possible for you.
  4. Constantly communicate so I’m never feeling lost. We commit to updating you on everything happening, especially on timelines, and being responsive to your questions and requests during the process.
  5. Build a solid roof following the strictest industry standards. Rhino installs each roof using the Total Protection Roofing System (TPRS), ensuring every piece fits tightly to form a tough, long-lasting roof.
  6. Provide me the with assurance that my roof will be a tough, long-lasting roof. We’re so confident in the materials that we use, the TPRS roofing systems that we build, and the expertise of our crews, that we offer an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty on workmanship and 50-year on materials.
  7. Ensure the highest safety standards. We plan, provide, and train are the three principles around our safety standards. Planning ensures proper safety procedures are in place before the project even begins. Providing the proper equipment including fall protection, ladder stabilizers and specialized sticky shoes (called Cougar Paws) ensures our guys are safe when climbing up a ladder and walking around on your roof. And, all employees receive ongoing training on proper set-up and use of safety equipment.
  8. Have the appropriate insurance to ensure I’m made whole if anything goes wrong. Rhino Roofers commits to your safety, as well as the safety and protection of your home and items, and our crews. Even so, we believe it’s important to carry the proper liability insurance to ensure you’re made whole if something were to go wrong and cause damage.
  9. Leave my yard in as good or better a shape than when the roofing crew arrived. Prepare and protect is how we keep your yard safe from construction debris. We start by doing a walk-around with you to identify areas of concern, then we install a system called the Rhino Wall. Rhino Wall is a tough fabric that is tautly draped over your flowers, shrubs, windows, and doors to protect them from falling debris. After completing the job, our project manager will sweep of the property with high-powered magnet to ensure nothing was left behind.

We commit to providing you a 5-star experience while building a roof that will last for decades. That’s the Rhino Roofer Promise!

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