Professional Urethane Roof Coating Application in San Antonio

Urethane roof coatings can be one of the strongest roofing materials available. Because they are flexible, seamless, and durable, they are ideal for high-traffic areas. They contract and expand with the roof’s surface so that they can withstand as much stress as possible.

Urethane resists water pooling, is more impact-resistant, is easy to apply, and is affordable. It’s a great way to protect your roof and give it extra years of life without paying for a brand-new roof.

We offer roof coating services from urethane rubber roof coatings.

Why Install a Urethane Roof Coating?

You get flexibility and durability from a urethane roofing coating. It is strong enough to withstand seasonal changes and will last a lifetime. It is also resistant to heavy impacts, making it ideal for roofs that receive high amounts of traffic. It is water-resistant so it won’t cause ponding like other coatings. This makes it less slippery in wet conditions.

Urethane roof coatings can be applied to any commercial roofing surface. This makes them ideal for almost every building and purpose. They can be applied to EPDM, TPO, and BUR as well as single-ply roofs.

Your building will get the UV protection it requires with a urethane roofing coating. It is highly reflective and will reflect the sun in summer, keeping your building cooler. This will lower your cooling costs. It can reduce the temperature of your building and protect it from harmful sun rays.

Types of Urethane Roof Coatings

There are two types of urethane roof coatings available: aliphatic and aromatic. Although they are not UV-resistant, aromatic urethane roof coatings are cheaper than aliphatic. The best use of aromatic coatings is as a base coat for applying another layer.

Although they are more costly, aliphatic urethane coats can be used to protect your roof from the sun’s rays. These coatings can be used on top of an aromatic coat to keep your roof clean and protect it from the sun’s rays. It won’t accumulate water and is resistant to daily traffic.

How to Apply a Urethane Roof Coating

Roof coatings made of urethane can be difficult to apply and have a strong odor. You should leave the application to professionals who have the right equipment. An experienced urethane roof company will be able to advise you about the best practices for installing your roof. This includes turning off your HVAC or recirculating the air inside your building while the installation is taking place.

Before urethane roof coatings are applied, it is important to clean your roof. Before the coating is applied, a contractor can make sure that any issues are addressed and that holes are repaired. Although urethane roof coatings can be sprayed, it is possible to have problems with equipment if it is not properly maintained or cleaned.

Also, it is important to make sure that the installation takes place quickly. Urethane roof coating materials don’t last very long once they are opened. It cures quickly even in the container so make sure you get the assistance of a professional. Rhino Roofers is here to help.

Urethane Roof Coating Cost

As with any other roof coating material, urethane roof coating costs much less than a new roof. However, for an accurate inspection of your project, it’s best to give us a call. We can assess your roof and determine the exact cost for you.

A urethane roof coating is a cost-effective option that will not only save you money but also prevents you from having to replace your roof. You can also save money on other aspects of building maintenance. Bright white reflects the sun, keeping your building cooler. This will help reduce your air conditioning costs.

These coatings will last for a longer time than traditional roof replacements, which can save you money and provide you with great value. The liquid fills any cracks or seams and protects the roof.

If the installation is done properly, operations will not be disrupted for very long.

Urethane is one the most cost-effective coatings for restoring, protecting, and increasing the life of your commercial roof. Rhino Roofers can provide professional advice about applying these coatings on your roof. Our experts are highly skilled in applying urethane roof coatings. We will gladly provide the best service in San Antonio.

Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection of your roof.

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04:03 04 Jun 22
I just had my roof replaced by Rhino Roofers and I am beyond happy with the job they did! I had a leak in my roof that caused my ceiling to collapse, and their professionalism and hard work helped me through this massive home repair. Matt Lawson came and inspected my roof and gave me great recommendations, and he remained in touch with me throughout the entire replacement process, answering my text messages at all hours for all my questions and concerns. His availability and professionalism made this big project much less stressful, and I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate him and the whole team. I would recommend Rhino Roofers to anyone!
Josh CavazosJosh Cavazos
15:47 29 Mar 22
We have been remodeling our entire house, and if you are doing the same, you know how difficult it is to work with contractors. You don't know what you're getting, some technicians don't have the best social skills, and you're always worried that they're telling you some gobbledygook to get you to spend more money. Of all the different renovations we've done--plumbing, electric, etc.--we have never felt in safer hands than with Rhino Roofers.The turnaround time was quick. Once we settled on a roof color and style (there are many) we had a 1.5 week lead time before they were going to come and install the roof. On roofing day, the crew was at the house at a prompt 7AM. The men worked like a NASCAR pit crew and had tarps out to catch all the asphalt crumbling off of our old roof. I have never seen roofers do this before but it was much appreciated to keep asphalt out of our grass and sidewalk. The old roof was off by noon and the new roof was on by 3PM. They didn't even take a full day to do this job!The roof looks perfect. Not a shingle looks out of place. There is an attention to detail that makes our roof satisfying to look at every time I pull into the driveway.We are in love with our new roof and the ease of this process. I highly recommend Rhino Roofers to anyone!
A SadaA Sada
16:47 11 Feb 22
Came out same day and throughly inspected my roof. Mr. Holland was a true pro and made the process of understanding insurance claims easy for me to understand. Most importantly he understood the business and made me confident in his product. They are highly rated for a reason and I can back that. And although this has no effect on my rating, they do have some sharp looking work trucks! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ashlie OlivenbaumAshlie Olivenbaum
16:54 31 Jan 22
Brandon came out a few times, even being way out in Hondo and quite the drive for him. He inspected my roof, came out with the first insurance adjuster (the adjuster was super unprofessional but Brandon remained cool and calm and professional the whole time). Brandon fought my insurance company for me and got a new adjuster to come out for another inspection and got the full roof replacement he knew I needed. He is super knowledgeable and professional. He’s kept me in the loop with the whole process and has made sure I’m happy with the results. They always upgrade your shingles to a better product. I never felt deceived and they’re very upfront about what all you’re getting. I highly recommend Rhino Roofers!
22:08 16 Dec 21
Jonah and Gus from Rhino Roofers are the best!! They worked with our insurance company and we were able to apply for financing through them for 0% the first year to make up the difference of our deductible. This massive roof was started and completed in just 9 hours. They added a much better shingle and also a mold resistant backing paper. They also added an upgraded ridge vent for ventilation and drip edge that we didn’t have. Crew was extremely professional and very clean! All the nails and old shingles were cleaned up and double checked in grass and driveway.I highly recommend you call and ask for Jonah or Gus!